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A short story about my passion for music 🎹❤️: 
From the very childhood music was something special to me . I heard my parents playing piano and it was a magic for me and a biggest inspiration!

About Me


I went to musical school for 5 years , but then I stopped since I was feeling music in my own way...🎵

And even though I had quit the music lessons,  I didn't miss a day of playing piano , since this is my true passion coming from my heart ❤️.
Since then I was playing for myself and for my family. And now I decided to share this passion with you, guys.
When I am composing music, I can seat for hours playing piano as I feel it at the moment. Sometimes I even hear music in my dreams and when I wake up, I perform it , this is how I wrote a song for my husband. One day I will share it with you, guys.  


I have a big dream -that one day I will write a soundtrack for a beautiful romantic movie !!🎥🎹

I hope you enjoy listening to my music and the way I feel it. Cause I enjoy sharing it with you ! 
So this was a little story about my passion for music 🎹❤️

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